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"I've struggled with personal issues for years not knowing where to turn.  You have no idea what an answer to prayer this is."  -Lead Pastor 

"I have been walking through a difficult season to recover my heart after serving in several churches as a Pastor's wife.  I live oversees, so finding a counselor to meet with virtually has changed my life." -Pastor's Wife 

"Being consumed with performance and perfection led me to exhaustion.  I was able to get the help I needed and learned how to lead in my weakness." -Youth Pastor

"Serving Pastors by opening the door to start honest conversations has been humbling and a blessing.  I'm grateful to be involved." -Counselor

"Being a Pastor's wife and professional counselor, I've experienced the challenges of vocational ministry.  Serving Pastors is one of my passions and I'm grateful for this ministry." -Counselor

Testimonials from Pastors, Ministry Leaders Clients of Abide Leader Care Counseling | US

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