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Abide Leader Care provides a safe and confidential opportunity for Pastors and Ministry Leaders to seek help.  

How it Works

Fill out the contact form and we will follow up shortly with recommendations and referrals. Or, reach out to

a counselor listed on the directory, mention Abide Leader Care, and schedule a free 15-minute phone or virtual consultation.  Sessions are offered in person and/or virtually and fees are reduced to help make counseling more affordable.

Our Resources connect you to Pastor and Ministry Leader retreats, individual and couple getaways, ministry tools and articles, and other supportive programs.


Pastors and Ministry Leaders give much of their time and energy to others while often not getting the personal care they need.  They can feel isolated and alone during times of struggle, yet feel the pressure to "have it all together."  This can impact their personal life, family and ministry.  Current research from Barna shows...

42% of pastors have given real, serious consideration to quitting being in full-time ministry within the last year.  more


All counselors are independent, Christian professionals with a Biblical worldview and have a heart for Pastors and Ministry Leaders.  They have been trained through various seminaries, colleges, universities and counseling programs.  Pastors are encouraged to learn more about a counselor's unique life experiences, skills and counseling philosophy.  Abide Leader Care is not liable for anything that occurs between the client and the counselor.  

 Abide Leader Care Christian Counseling for Pastors & Wives in US

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