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Asheville, NC

Christian Counseling in Asheville NC

The expectations of the Pastoral Ministry are honorably high but often, there is too little tolerance for anything less than perfection.

Unfortunately, this applies to all areas of spiritual leadership, and the demands can even affect Leaders in their personal lives.

Devoting your life to being a Pastor or other spiritual leader is rewarding. However, the pressures responsibilities that Asheville NC Leaders carry limit their options of who to turn to for help.

Christian Counselors Asheville NC

Who pastors the pastor?

Abide Leader Care offers Pastors and Ministry Leaders a safe opportunity to seek guidance and advice through our confidential Christian counseling services in Asheville NC.

First-time clients get the luxury of meeting with one of our Christian counselors free of charge, virtually or in-person. Getting help shouldn’t be difficult or costly to obtain, additional meetings are offered at an affordable rate.

Reach out to one of our Christian counselors in Asheville NC to schedule your first meeting.

Browse through our resources to connect yourself to Pastor and Ministry Leader retreats, individual and couple getaways, ministry tools and articles, and other supportive programs.

Christian Counselors in Asheville NC

Pastors and Ministry Leaders invest much of their time and energy into others, without acquiring the personal care they need.

Leaders may feel isolated and lonely during times of struggle, yet still feel the pressure to put on a happy face and “keep it together.”

Feeling isolated and alone can impact a Leader’s personal life, family, and ministry, without realization.

Choose from a variety of Christian counselors in Asheville NC for counseling in these areas:

  • Personal Challenges: Unhealthy behaviors, financial pressures, burnout

  • Relational Tensions: Marriage and family issues, struggles within their ministries

  • Spiritual Issues: Feeling distant from God, leadership failures

Abide Leader Care helps Pastors and Ministry Leaders thrive in every aspect of their lives while serving cities all over the world.

Christian Counseling Asheville NC

Investing in our Christian services provides Pastors and Ministry Leaders with various counseling opportunities:

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling addresses personal challenges someone may face in life. Many individuals seek individual counseling to overcome depression, anxiety, history of abuse, compulsive or addictive behaviors, among other personal issues.

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling shapes a healthy interaction between a family and its members. Prior to marriage, couples should address communications skills, financial tools, and other dynamics to ensure a healthy interaction between the entire family as a unit.

Marriage Counseling

Even the best marriages can benefit from strengthening the foundation of their union through counseling. Discuss problems, pressures, and major life changes that can alter your marriage. Find new ways to enhance and improve your marriage’s communication.

Family Counseling

Family counseling addresses the root problems of the family to ultimately strengthen the relationship between each member.

Grief Counseling

Individuals go through various, drastic emotions when suffering from loss. From sorrow to anger, bitterness, depression and loneliness, grief counseling can help individuals identify their biggest pains to ultimately start the healing process.

Group Counseling

Group counseling has the power to enhance relationships, improve team dynamics and reach new goals with efficiency and kindness.

Contact Abide Leader Care for questions or inquiries about our Christian counseling services!

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