Support and Counseling

for Pastors and Ministry Leaders

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How It Works

Choose a Christian counselor, mention Abide Leader Care, and schedule a free consultation.  Session fees are reduced to make counseling affordable.


"I've struggled with personal issues for years not knowing where to turn.  You have no idea what an answer to prayer this is."  -Lead Pastor 

"Serving Pastors by opening the door to start honest conversations has been humbling and a blessing.  I'm grateful to be involved." -Christian Counselor



Pastors and Ministry Leaders give much of their time and energy to others while often not getting the personal care they need.  They can feel isolated and alone during times of struggle, yet feel the pressure to "have it all together."  This can impact their personal life, family and ministry.  Current research shows that 40-50% of Pastors and Ministry Leaders face...

Personal Struggles - Burnout, unhealthy behavior, financial pressures

Relational Tensions - Marriage and family issues, and struggles within their ministries

Spiritual Issues - Leadership failures and feeling distant from God

Abide Leader Care helps Pastors and Ministry Leaders thrive as they serve in their city and around the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies to receive support and counseling?

Pastors and ministry leaders on staff with a Christian ministry organization in a role that involves ministering directly to others. 


Pastoral Care and Counseling Services